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Pioneer Oil Producers Society (P.O.P.S.)

We are vested and invested in the oil/energy industry and its related businesses and their impact on our individual lives and the future of our country. Our program committee is providing very interesting and informative speakers who provide us with information we need to consider and decide what role each of us can and should play in protecting and enhancing our industry and country for the future. We learn, we participate or we let it happen. Let’s be active; encourage each other, seek new members, attend all meetings and make suggestions for improving POPS.

  Upcoming Luncheon Presentations

Registration at 11:00 — Lunch at 11:30 — Presentation at 12:15
Cost of the luncheon is:

Members: $25.00
Non-Members: $30.00
May 18 – D. Ronald (Ron) Harrell, P.E., Ryder Scott Company L.P. The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

If you're a Non-Member and interested in attending the May luncheon please click on this link and then click on 'Send'.

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  Recent Luncheon Presentation

Mar 16 – Joe Dunn Clegg, History and Technology of Hydraulic Fracturing
See all available presentations in the Presentation Archive

  May 18 Meeting Notice

Mr. Harrell will be presenting an “Authorized Book Review” of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book written by Alex Epstein and published in November 2014. Alex is a Philosophy graduate of Duke University, considers himself a Humanist Philosopher and has concluded that the benefits to humanity through access to inexpensive energy derived from oil, natural gas and coal far outweigh any negative effects on our environment potentially caused through climate changes related to use of fossil fuels. Alex has authorized Mr. Harrell to use all of the charts and graphs included within The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” in presenting Alex’s conclusions to several audiences in the Houston area.

These charts and graphs clearly display factual data linking expanding fossil fuel use along with various beneficial technological improvements across the United States and globally to improvements in human life expectancies, quality of life, disposable income, infant survival rates, improving air quality, clean water, sanitation facilities and control over communicable diseases. Other charts derived by Alex and his fellow researchers illustrate decreases in human fatalities resulting from storm-related events over the past century or so through wise use of fossil fuels and technology.

There are further conclusions presented in the book related to agriculture and crop yields enhanced by fertilizers derived through the use of natural gas and as a result of increasing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bruce Hotze

The current industry history lesson plus previous industry history presentations can be found by clicking on the Industry Anecdotes tab to the left or click on this link.

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Pioneer Oil Producers Society (P.O.P.S.)