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Pioneer Oil Producers Society (P.O.P.S.)

We are vested and invested in the oil/energy industry and its related businesses and their impact on our individual lives and the future of our country. Our program committee is providing very interesting and informative speakers who provide us with information we need to consider and decide what role each of us can and should play in protecting and enhancing our industry and country for the future. We learn, we participate or we let it happen. Let’s be active; encourage each other, seek new members, attend all meetings and make suggestions for improving POPS.

  Upcoming Luncheon Presentations

Registration at 11:00 — Lunch at 11:30 — Presentation at 12:15
Cost of the luncheon is:

Members: $25.00
Non-Members: $30.00
Sep 15 – Dr. Rusty Riese, Adjunct Professor, Rice University Climate Change: Facts and Fictions, from an independent scientist perspective

Work by Professor Riese has resulted in some important conclusions that will surprise the “global warmers:”

  1. All of the scary global warming scenarios are based on computer models.

  2. None of the models work.

  3. There is and has been no scientific consensus.

  4. The data which come from our global experiment, the observations we have made, indicate that the climate is evolving and always has evolved continuously, and people have had nothing to do with that change. We need to use this information to stop our regulators and legislators from taking steps and passing laws which will have no effect on the climate we enjoy and can only have disastrous impacts on our economy.

If you're a Non-Member and interested in attending the SEPT luncheon please click on this link and then click on 'Send'.

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  Recent Luncheon Presentation

Jun 16 – Robb Erickson, Vice President Heavy Marine Transport, Dockwise USA LLC Development and utilization of very heavy equipment in the movement and stabilization of platforms needed for deep water drilling
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The current industry history lesson plus previous industry history presentations can be found by clicking on the Industry Anecdotes tab to the left or click on this link.

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Pioneer Oil Producers Society (P.O.P.S.)